A 60 Second Guide to Life…Or Something Like That

Goodness, the last few weeks have been a whirlwind. Feels like I’ve had absolutely no time to sit down and write…which could explain why its been nearly 2 weeks since my last post–yikes!!!

Welp, in the name of time management (and because, I have nothing else to do while waiting for the hot rollers in my hair to cool) here’s another list…let’s call it a 60 Second Guide to Life…’cause that sounds catchy, haha ūüôā

napoleonA 60 Second Guide to Life *

1. You don’t have to reply to every text you get. Honestly, there are some texts that are better left without a response.

2. If you’re trying to break in heels, wear them while playing Just Dance.¬†

3. Choose to focus on the bright side. For real. It makes everything so much better. 

4. Being kind doesn’t mean being a doormat. Setting boundaries is a good thing.¬†

5. Nutella isn’t healthy…sorry, hun, but you deserve to know the truth.

6. Learning basic dances (like the waltz) can actually come in handy. At the very least, it saves you from doing the awkward, Napoleon Dynamite and Deb at prom dance. 

7. According to dermatologists, you don’t actually need to shower everyday in order for your skin to be healthy.

8. However, if you are an every-day shower kinda person, use lotion after. It keeps your skin from becoming too dry.

9. Once you’ve put on facial moisturizer, wait a few minutes before applying foundation (this helps prevent the foundation from flaking or slipping off).

10. There are different types of laughs. Ex. The giggle, polite chuckle, chortle, snicker, ¬†belly laugh…be friends with people who know how to make you belly laugh.¬†

11. Comparison is the thief of joy. 

12. In the absence of time, driving with the windows down is a great alternative to using the hair dryer. 

13. “Please”, “Thank you”, “I’m sorry”, and “I forgive you” are best said with a sincere tone of voice.

14. Whispering is just as harsh on your vocal chords as yelling is. If you’re really serious about saving your voice, stop talking and use a notebook and pen instead.¬†

15. Genuine confidence is the most attractive quality ever. 

16. ¬†It’s okay to have a rough day. Jesus is bigger than your mistakes and challenges.

17. ¬†There’s a whole world outside of your computer/phone/iPod screen. Don’t miss it.¬†

18. Live in the moment. Sure, have plans and goals, but don’t get so caught up in tomorrow, that you forget to see today.

19. Scare yourself. You’ll be surprised at what lies outside your comfort zone.

20. There is so much more to someone than just a title–“best friend”, “mom”, “employer”, “that one person who drives me totally crazy”…ask Jesus to teach you how to really see people.

21. Sleep is important. Do us all a favor, and try to clock in at least 8 hours each night. We’ll all be better off if you do.¬†

*Note: Obviously this is not a complete guide to life or anything. It’s just tips from one person trying to love Jesus and do life, to another. So…yeah. Just thought I’d clarify.

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beachI like people a lot. Generally speaking, most people seem to like me too (either that, or they’re all just really good actors…) If you were to ask someone to describe me, you’d likely hear words like “Nice, sweet, friendly, cheerful…”

Those descriptions are all rather pleasant. Honestly, I like people to think of me that way. I want people to like me and think I’m nice and fun to be around.

But occasionally, it feels like I get stuck in a rut…that I become so caught up in maintaining the reputation others have given me (or attaining the rep I want), that I become afraid to be real. You have no idea how many times someone has said to me, “Sasha, you could never be mean! You’re like, the sweetest person ever. I bet you never get angry.”

It’s all I can do not reply with, “Welp thanks but…think it’s safe to say you don’t know me.”

I get it. There are some people I will be more real and vulnerable with than others. Some people will see my quirky or random or weak areas more than others. That’s okay. Honestly, it’s probably a good thing most people don’t know what I’m really thinking a lot of the time. ‘Cause, I’ll be honest, guys–it’s not nearly as polished and pretty as I what I so often attempt to portray.

According to Psalm 16:2, we have no good apart from the Lord. That means, without Jesus in my life, I would be a big fat zero. Ugly. Messy. Nothing.

That sounds harsh. But lets be honest here…

If I was acting purely on my emotions/own terms, there would be a whole lot of ugly coming out. ¬†Normally, my first inclinations of how to respond aren’t the best. If it weren’t for Holy Spirit checking me to actually think twice/evaluate my heart and actions according to Scripture…

There’d be lots of hurt feelings and broken relationships. Tons of resentment and self-hatred. Shame. So much ¬†more careless speech and gossip. An empty, ¬†self-focused existence. Unmet needs and expectations from friendships. Roller coaster emotions. Way more plots for revenge. Anger.

Here’s the deal, guys– I struggle so much in my daily walk with Jesus. I say terrible things. I make assumptions about others, and am often quick to cast judgement. So many times, I get caught riding the wave of my emotions and I act according to my feelings in the moment, instead of according to God’s love.

I am a weak and broken person, who is being made perfect in Christ. Yes, I still struggle with temptation and still make poor choices…but I have a hope and future in the Lord. I can trust Holy Spirit to lead and guide me closer and closer to Jesus, and to living in a way that reflects His heart.

“…being confident of this, that he who began a good work in you will carry it on to completion until the day of Christ Jesus.” ~Philippians 1:6

But, if you took Jesus out of the equation, I would just be a weak and broken person with no hope.

By herself, Sasha is not loving or sweet or cheerful or kind. She’s actually pretty grumpy, self-centered, and led by her emotions.

But with God, I am rooted and grounded in love. And even in the midst of mistakes and growing pains, I can find peace in knowing that, those things don’t define me. Heck, even my awesome moments don’t define me…only Jesus does.

He’s the one who’s really good.



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The Princess and the Slug

princessOnce upon a time, there was a beautiful girl, who was absolutely amazing. She was kind and sweet–like a Disney princess. She was smart, funny, talented, and absolutely stunning. And she was so nice. Literally. She was one of those girls who was always doing some sort of outreach or reading her Bible or helping little old ladies cross the streets…¬†

And then there was me.

I was tired and irritable and just wanted to eat chocolate. I’d flunked another math test, ¬†messed up the punchline to my joke, and the weather was making my hair frizzy. I’d forgotten to read my Bible–okay, lets be honest–I was too lazy to read my Bible and had wasted time sleeping in. Also, I’d accidentally cut in front of an old lady in traffic …oops.

My eyes glanced over at the Princess, who was busy being her charming, wonderful, magical self…I noted all the people ¬†who had gathered around, eagerly hanging on her every word…I watched how she seemed to effortlessly always look adorable…I listened to how much she talked about the Lord…

And then, I ¬†looked in the mirror and groaned. How could I hope to compare to a girl like that?¬†I did not feel very charming…or wonderful…or magical. I felt like a first class loser. I felt threatened. I felt insecure. I felt mean.

I was jealous.

At first, I tried to ignore the feeling…then, I attempted to scrutinize the Princess, searching for any potential flaw…then, I just decided to get super annoyed with her, so then I wouldn’t feel jealous. I mean, what do I care if everyone loves her and thinks she’s amazing and I’m just here trying to do life and love Jesus and people but am doing a really crummy job–right? Of course right.

It went on like this for a while–me secretly becoming more and more resentful towards the Princess, until I could hardly stand being in the same room as her…next to her, I felt so mediocre. Who could compete with the Princess? Definitely not me…I was a slug.

Cue Holy Spirit.

“Sasha…what are you doing? Why do you keep comparing yourself to the Princess?”

“Because she’s prettier and smarter and funnier and more spiritual than me…and I’m a slug…a big, fat, ugly, unspiritual slug that sleeps in and cuts in front of old lady drivers…”¬†

Thankfully, Holy Spirit continued speaking to my heart, and after much back and forth, He helped me realize a few things…

**Just because something is good, doesn’t mean it’s what the Lord has for me in that season. So what if the Princess runs 6 miles every other day, has mastered 5 instruments, and memorized the entire New Testament…or ya know, some equally amazing accomplishments? Good for her, but not necessarily for me. And that’s okay.

* Jesus has me on a totally unique journey–it’s not fair to myself or the Princess to compare that journey to someone else’s. Sometimes Jesus will ask me to do things that are different than what everyone else is doing…heck, sometimes, I might be misunderstood or judged because of that…but what really matters is that I’m listening to His voice and doing what He has for me. Comparison is a thief.

*The problem wasn’t with the Princess. It was with me and my lack of understanding about Jesus and how incredible I am to Him. The Princess isn’t the one who needs to change–I am. I need to change the way I think and evaluate myself. I need to stop comparing and enjoy being the amazing Sasha that Jesus created me to be. And I need to learn to appreciate others for being themselves¬†too…I shouldn’t have to cut the Princess down to feel better about myself.

There will always be Princesses ( or Princes or, whatever) in our lives–people who always seem so put-together and awesome and we just wish we could be half as cool as they are…But ya know what?

According to Jesus, you are amazing. And talented. And full of purpose.

You are awesome.

How are you allowing yourself to be defined?



** The running/instrument/New Testament things are all fabricated exaggerations, created to prove the point of how inferior I felt to the Princess. If you really have accomplished all 3 of those things, you should go out for ice cream or something. ‘Cause that’s really cool.
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momentsSometimes, life has moments that aren’t super pleasant. Moments that take us off guard…moments that make us cry so that we basically end up morphing into a puffy-eyed, red-faced, pile of snot…moments that confuse and scare and frustrate us…moments that make us angry…

Moments that we simply don’t like.
And that’s when we get to live out 1 Corinthians 13. Ya know, the “Love Chapter” that everybody talks about? The chapter we’re supposed to use to evaluate ourselves, our relationships, our decisions…and sometimes we read it at weddings too, ’cause, love and weddings seem to go hand and hand so, makes sense.
1 Corinthians 13 is an incredible chapter full of so much insight and depth. Today, however, I want to focus in on a specific aspect of this chapter.I want us to dig a little deeper and use it to shed some light on a pretty darn important relationship.
Our relationship with Jesus.
”¬†Love is patient,¬†love is kind. It does not envy, it does not boast, it is not proud.¬†¬†It does not dishonor others, it is not self-seeking,¬†it is not easily angered,¬†it keeps no record of wrongs.¬†Love does not delight in evil¬†but rejoices with the truth.¬†It always protects, always trusts, always hopes, always perseveres.”~ 1 Corinthians 13:4-7
Okay. Where are you going with this, Sasha? 
I’m really glad you asked ūüôā¬†
As stated in the beginning of this post, life is full of moments. Many of them are wonderful…but some aren’t. Some are just plain hard.
And that’s where this chapter comes into play.
“Love is patient…”— When things don’t go the way I want, how do I choose to respond to the Lord? Am I patient with Him, leaning into His leadership and timing? Or do I become angry because He didn’t do things the way I wanted, when I wanted?
“It is not proud…”–What is my attitude towards the Lord and my circumstances? Do I trust and submit to His perfect will? Or insist on doing things my way, because I think I know best?
“It is not self-seeking…”–Oh… Good grief, does this one hurt. Who am I making this moment about? Me and my will and my desires and my getting what I want? Or Jesus and His heart and His desires and Him being glorified? Ouch.
“Love does not delight in evil, but rejoices with the truth…”–How do I respond when the Lord reveals truth to my heart and it stings my fleshly self? When He points out an area I need to grow in or shows me something in my heart that isn’t so pretty? Do I choose to surrender that to Him, letting Him work in me so that we can grow closer? ¬†Do I rejoice in His truth–even if it means I have to acknowledge areas of my weakness?
“Always protects, always trusts, always hopes, always perseveres…“–In the midst of moments and the roller-coaster of life, how do I choose to respond to Jesus? Do I guard my heart against offense and becoming bitter? Do I choose to trust in Jesus and who He says He is? Do I have hope in His promises, and choose to persevere and keep running to Him, even when things are really hard?
Look, I know this post is getting really long (and yes, I’m aware that I only highlighted specific selections of 1 Corinthians 13), so I’m just gonna end with these thoughts:
It’s easy to look at 1 Corinthians 13 as the passage we use to evaluate our relationships with other people on earth. That’s a good thing– I mean, Paul is pretty much defining what real love looks like, so pretty sure that’s a great place to go if you’re around people (who God calls us to love Matt. 22:34-40)¬†
BUT. I think we also can use this verse as we examine our hearts and relationship with the Lord. Yes, we are weak and broken people–but we are also people who are called to grow in love with the Lord. This passage gives a solid start to learning what it looks like to truly love Jesus, in every moment of life--the incredible ones, the puffy-eyed red-faced covered-in-snot- ones, and everything in between.
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Weird Things I Do That You Probably Don’t

Welp, after taking a brief hiatus from writing (believe me, it was a good thing) I’m baaaaaack! Let’s get to it ūüôā

Weird Things I Do that You Probably Don’t

1. Sing along to the car radio. LOUDLY.

2. Wear a super-diva eye mask whenever I take naps.

3. Practices making different faces/expressions in the mirror…

4. Speaking of mirrors, have “lets see who can make the most double chins” contests.

5. Beat box to the sound of my car blinker. (Due to my lack of beat-boxing skills, this is done only when I’m alone. Or with my favorite brother)

6. Watch movies alone, so I can laugh/cry/yell at the TV as much as I want.

7. Re-enact certain Taylor Swift music videos. I mean, who doesn’t want to wear nerd glasses and sing into their hair brush? #youbelongwithme

8. Play dress up.

9. DIY facial mask and mani/pedi. EVERY WEEK.

10. Sumo hair buns  and scrunchies for life.

11.  After shampooing, rinse my hair with vinegar.

12. Speaking of hair, I only wash mine about twice a week. And I shed. Like, a lot.

13. Ask for a kid’s menu and crayons while waiting for food at a restaurant.

14. Practice Disney Princess singing impersonations.

15. Read books about psychology/relationships/people skills.

16. Write out checklists…and do a mini victory dance after a task is checked off.

17. Name cars…and computers…and instruments…and a key chain.

Okay, so if you actually made it through to the end of that list, congratulations! You now know a bunch of random facts about me. Gold star for you.There seriously is another point to this article though, aside from me just wanting to talk about myself (although, not gonna lie, this post was certainly fun to write).

There is amazing freedom in being yourself. The genuine, authentic, you that God created you to be. I have some different tastes and personality traits and challenges than my friends. But that’s okay. Heck, that’s a good thing–it keeps life interesting!

Even though we are all works in progress and will always have places we need to grow in, the Lord likes and delights in us now. He likes my quirks and my goofy side. He enjoys who He made me to be, even in the midst of my challenges and mistakes.

And that’s what I want to encourage all of us to do. To enjoy being the unique individuals God designed us to be. ¬†To stop beating ourselves up for not measuring up to someone else’s standards/ideals(or even our own), and instead, to find joy in the Lord and our identity in Him.

To allow Jesus to define and work in you. Because, He likes you a lot.

(Psalm 139:14, Ephesians 2:10, 1 Peter 2:9)



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Writing A Letter to My Harshest Critic


To My Harshest Critic:

Of all the people I’ve met, you’re by far my harshest critic. It feels like I’m never good enough…which, of course, you always make a point of reminding me off.

You’re always the first person to point out my frizzy hair or make fun of my size. According to your impossible standards, I’ll never be pretty enough. Whenever I make a mistake, you bring it up time and time again, never letting me forget it. ¬†And you’re always lying to me–trying to convince me that nobody likes me or that I’m secretly annoying everyone. The worst things, though, are the names you call me. “Ugly”, “stupid”, “awkward”, “pathetic”, “drama-queen”, “worthless”…you’re so good at targeting my insecurities. You always know just what to say to make me feel horrible.

You are my harshest critic. The one who constantly brings up my mistakes and embarrassing moments, until I’m convinced I can never show my face in public again. Whenever you see me, you’re the person who immediately pinpoints all the things you don’t like about me. Whenever I spend time with friends, you try to convince me that they don’t actually like me… that it’s just a matter of time before they see how completely human I am and decide I’m not good enough.

I would never dream of telling another person that they’re not worth knowing or that they’re ugly or a waste of space. Why then, do I listen to you when you say that about me? Why do I give you and your terrible lies any place of power over me?

Well, today, I’ve decide to make a change. I’m gonna stop listening to you. I’m going to take authority over every one of my thoughts–I’m not going to give you power anymore.¬†

Because, you are so wrong about me. I’m beautiful and funny and smart and worth getting to know. I’m a solid 10. I’m loved, even though I’m a work in progress. I‘m allowed to make mistakes. I have a destiny and a purpose in Christ. I’m awesome.

I’m sure I’ll see you around. You’re gonna be sticking around for a looooong time.¬†But I’m no longer going to listen to you, when you begin to tear me down. Instead, I’m choosing to listen to Holy Spirit and allow His truth to fill me. Because, unlike you, He actually knows what’s up.

I also want to tell you this, though–despite all the terrible things you’ve said and all the hurtful words you’ve hurled at me…I forgive you. I forgive you, Sasha, for tearing me down. For every time you’ve looked in the mirror, and told me that I wasn’t pretty enough. I forgive you for all the times you’d obsess over my mess-ups and keep me up at night thinking about all my flaws. I forgive you for all those lies you allowed yourself to believe.¬†I forgive you for being weak and broken.

And even though we’ve got quite a journey ahead of us, I’m going to let Jesus teach me how to love you. Because, you’re worth it.


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Woes of an Overthinker

Thinking is a good thing. I’m a firm believer that most of us should think more often. However, there are some people who tend to over-use their ability to reason. For those of us who struggle with this tendency to overthink, every-day things suddenly become front page occurrences. Allow me to explain.

¬†Picking out clothes can be soooo hard.¬†That dress is super cute, but a little short…what if I wear that and everyone thinks I’m a floozy and then they start one of those internet debates about modesty?! Wait, what about these jeans? Oh my gosh, not with that shirt!! Why do they always make me look fat when I wear them with that shirt?”


¬†You have a love/hate relationship with multiple choice tests. “The last two answers were A, so this one can’t be A…but A looks like a really good choice here. So either they’re tricking me…or my last answers were wrong! Shoot! Almost out of time…uhh…B. B for Bob…’cause Bob sounds like a smart name…right? It’s gotta be B.”


¬†Every stupid thing you’ve ever done/said comes back to haunt you at night. And all through-out the day. And then you have to debate whether or not to mention that stupid thing the next time you see the person you said the stupid thing to, or if you should just act like nothing ever happened.


Emojis. “What the heck is that wink smiley face supposed to mean???”


Shopping for presents is stressful. ¬†I want something that says, “Hey! I know you so well, I just effortlessly picked out this present that just so happens to be perfect for you!” 12 stores and several hours on Ebay later, you finally buy them something dumb they’ll probably never use.¬†


 Taylor Swift songs. Oh my gosh. Taylor. Which guy are you singing about now?


Preparing to go to a party can be stressful. Hence the reason you’ve checked with all your friends to see what they’re wearing AND made sure that if you did have to bring a snack, it was one that no one would be allergic to AND you’re bringing a gift, just in case.


Relationships: “So, he emailed me the homework assignment yesterday…I guess you could say things are getting pretty serious.”


You edit your text messages more than a paper for school, and regret them the instant they’re sent: “Oh my gosh. Why did I just text him? Why oh why oh why??? He’s gonna think I’m so desperate. He’s never gonna wanna talk to me again, cause he’ll think I’m just a needy, clingy, desperate person with no life….That’s it. I’m done. I’m never texting anybody ever again. I’m just gonna be a cat lady. Cats don’t text.” (Note: blogging/writing/posting ¬†result in similar emotions)no

Sarcasm is confusing. Seriously…were you being funny there, or are you actually kinda ticked off? (What’s even worse is when you try using sarcasm and it comes out wrong…cue another 3 nights of not sleeping because you’re too busy thinking about how mean you sounded.)sorry

Trying to find the right words to say in the moment, and then just sounding like Porky the Pig.Wait–you, like, want me to respond now? Ummm…can you give me a sec? Still trying to figure out the best way to describe my feelings on this.”


Yeah, it’s rough, guys. I get it. Here’s the deal: Most people are ¬†more caught up in their own lives and issues, than they are in yours. While they might notice if you have an awkward moment or say the not-so-right-thing at the not-so-right-time, 2 hours from then they’ll have moved on to something totally different. Really. As great as you are, you’re not the center of their universe.¬†

And that’s ¬†a pretty reassuring thought. Kinda makes you feel like you can actually get some sleep tonight, instead of staying up regretting half of your conversations.



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Dear Diary

diaryagainDear Diary,

Today was a weird day. Maybe it was the fact that I only had 5 hours of sleep last night. Or that I was attempting to pull off a hippie-inspired hairstyle. Or that, aside from 3 pieces of bacon, I pretty much forgot about breakfast.

Anywho, it wasn’t a bad day. Or a good day. It was just weird.

Went to church, and felt kinda out of it–like I wasn’t quite ready to be around people yet. Still waking up, I guess. A little kid warned me against the dangers of putting my mood ring above God…didn’t see that coming. Someone said something that hurt my feelings. Well, it wasn’t what they said, but how they said it. And it wasn’t actually anything to get upset about. But I ended up crying anyway. The nice thing about crying during worship, ¬†is everybody thinks it’s ’cause you’re talking to Jesus. Which I was…but He and I were talking about the not-so-terrible thing someone said that hurt my feelings…so…kinda mixed reasons for crying. Still, after our talk, I felt better. And my mascara stayed in place. That’s a win.

Went to youth service and felt kinda awkward trying to mingle and talk. Pretty sure that was a result of the 5 hours of sleep. The teaching was great, though.¬†Afterwards,chatted with a bunch of wonderful people. Still, was rather disappointed about the other wonderful people I really wanted to talk with, but didn’t get a chance to speak with much. Tough luck.

Could feel myself getting deeper and deeper into an emotional funk. I was done trying to mingle and be smiley. So I drove home. With the windows down. Just because I could. But then it got cold, so I had to roll the windows up and listen to this Christian Indie music station instead. It was okay. They weren’t playing any of my jams today.

Got home and finished up half a pint of chocolate silk ice cream. I’m convinced the world would be a better place if ¬†all the funky/moody/grumpy people were given their own pint of ice cream. Then, I made a bunch of mac ‘n’ cheese. While I was waiting for that to finish cooking, I ate some brownies. And a piece of ham. I have no shame.

Changed into sweats and took a nap. Like, a 90 minute nap. Because, apparently, according to the average person’s sleep cycle, I can wake up from a 90 minute nap without feeling like a total alien. It worked. Yay science.

Watched a chick-flick. Decided that the main character and I are super similar, and would’ve been best friends. Was super proud of her and the way she worked through her people-pleasing and learned to stand up for herself. And, she ended up marrying the coolest dude in the movie. Totally called it. Afterwards, didn’t know whether to feel happy about such a cheesy, feel-good flick, or depressed because, while she’s out there meeting Prince Charming and going on adventures, I’m sitting on the couch pigging out on brownies and wearing old sweats. I still feel somewhat conflicted, but at the same time, I don’t want to give up my brownies or sweat pants. Life is full of tough choices.

Today still feels kinda weird…though I can’t quite put my finger on it. It’s not super amazing or terribly depressing. It’s just a day. A day where life happened. I felt awkward sometimes. Things didn’t go the way I anticipated. People were cool. People were challenging. The movie was cute. The preacher was super engaging and thought-provoking. There were ups and downs…

But, I mean, that’s life, isn’t it? Life is unpredictable, full of ups and downs. Sometimes people say and act the way you hope they will, and other times they don’t. Contrary to theatre, in real life there is no script. I mean, I have ¬†a script in my head about how things should go…but it feels like no one else ever gets the memo. But that’s life too!! Sometimes you get in funks. Sometimes you’re just not sure if you’re able to pull off that headband. Sometimes you don’t know if that chick-flick was actually good, or if you’re just in a super cheesy-girly-movie kinda mood.

But that’s okay. Because, even though I can’t control what others say or what happens in life, I can control myself. I can choose my attitude. I’m the one who decides what to do when things change or when my feelings get unintentionally hurt.

And then I get to choose to remember the best thing yet–Jesus thinks I’m amazing. No, scratch that. According to Jesus, I am amazing. Even on funky days. Even when I’m totally awkward or words come out the wrong way. Even when I’m on the couch pigging out on ice cream. Jesus really likes me and loves being with me. I’m one of His favorites…and that’s a really reassuring feeling.

Ya know what’s an even crazier thing to think about? At the end of the day, none of this is about me anyway. It’s all for something much greater.


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The Loner’s Friday Night Survival Guide

Sometimes, you may find yourself flying solo on a Friday. That’s really okay. In fact, it can actually be pretty fun….


The Loner’s Friday Night Survival Guide¬†

1. Ultimate movie marathon. Grab yours sweats, some snacks, and just go to town watching your favorite films. Or finding new ones. Perk: You can laugh as loudly as you want, whenever you want ,because no one will be around to complain. And, you get the remote.

2. Workout. Now is the perfect time to try out those ridiculous looking dance exercise videos. Perk: You have the whole house as your gym–pilates in the living room, kickboxing in the kitchen, jogging through the hallway…the possibilities are endless.¬†

3. Karaoke party for one. Go on youtube, look up some karaoke tracks, and BELT it. Heck, you can even find some duets with one of the voices previously recorded and the other part left for you to sing. Perk: You can sing as loudly or dramatically or terribly as you want, and nobody’s gonna complain. (Unless you live in an apartment…)

4. Make food. Try something new, or resort to an old favorite. If you’re feeling super crazy (or your just one of those theatrical types), you can even pretend your hosting a cooking show. (Everyone else does that too, right?) Perk:Good food .

5. Practice something you’re passionate about. Whether it’s art or nature or sports or writing, take this extra alone time to improve your skill! Do some extra research, start a new project, try something different…now is as good a time as any! Perk: Undisturbed time to work and focus.

6. Create the ultimate blanket fort. Grab some sheets, a few rubber bands, safety pins and pieces of furniture to help design your fort. If you’re looking for fresh inspiration, find tons of ideas online. Perk: This is the perfect place to have a movie marathon.¬†

7. Make the world a better place. I mean, really. ¬†Maybe this is the perfect time to reach out to that one person who could use a friend. Or offer to help out the elderly couple across the street. Or clean the house so that the fam will be super blessed when they get back. Perk: You get the chance to make someone’s day.¬†

8. Catch up on some reading. Yeah, it sounds kinda cliche. But c’mon guys. There is SO much information out there! So many awesome things to learn about and reflect on.Whether it be a website or legit book, feed your brain a little. Perk: Learning is always a perk. Plus, you may discover some more of your interests!

9. Get the best skin ever by wearing a facial mask. Okay, this is more for the ladies, but I’ve seen guys do facials. And, I mean, who doesn’t want awesome skin? Just find a facial recipe you wanna try, wash your face, and then slather it on. If you’re a girl and feel like pampering yourself further, nail polish and hair masks are a solid start. Perk: Honey, ya never looked better.

10. Re-arrange the furniture in you room. Heck, this is the best time to actually clean your room, and weed out some things you don’t need (aka: things to give away or sell). It’s even more fun if you’ve got a playlist of your favorite songs going. Or just playing your favorite song on repeat over and over again (because, you can do that when you’re home alone). Perk: A clean room, potentially some extra cash, fun music.

11. Play some video games. Yeah, guys, I actually DO like video games…I just don’t play very often and, therefore, am not very good. But. Now’s a great time to improve your gaming skills. Or practice those shooting games that you’re not very good at because you always get lost and end up stuck in some corner of the room… Perk: You’ll cream all your friends next time you play.

12. Learn how to dance. Youtube can teach you almost anything. Swing dancing? Check. Moon walk? Done. Country line dancing? Yup. Also, they have lots of Just Dance videos on Youtube…I mean, it’s not the same as playing the actual game but, ¬†it’s pretty fun. (“Party in the USA” is my JAM) Perk: Brownie points. People who know how to dance always get brownie points.

Anywho, I could go on about the perks of the occasional Friday-night at home, but you’ve got a pretty solid start. At the end of the day, your weekend is what you make it.

So. What are you doing this Friday?



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Let’s Talk About Guys


I think it’s an important topic to write about, especially from the perspective of someone who loves Jesus. And, frankly, I’m pretty sure it’s something you wanna read about. So, from one girl to another…

Let’s talk about relationships. Specifically those concerning guys–both the just-friends and the more-than-just-friends guys in your life.

I’m by no means a relationship expert. At all. But, I like to think I’ve learned a thing or two that you may find helpful in your journey. So, here are some of my thoughts on relationships, summed up into one-liners–with hopes that, they’ll spark some conversations between you and Holy Spirit.

Take a deep breath and read on.



*Attraction at first sight is real, but genuine loves takes time and energy to cultivate.

*Don’t waste your time trying to “make a boy like you”–if you have to earn a guy’s affection, he’s not worth it.

*While hints are cute and sometimes helpful,clear communication is usually the most effective.

*If you’re afraid a guy is gonna judge you for eating seconds, why are you dining with him?

*Texting is a great, but sometimes, it’s better to just pick up the phone and call.

*How does he handle anger?

*No guy should ever try to pressure or threaten you into going further (emotionally or physically) than you feel comfortable with.

*If a guy keeps pushing boundaries, it may be time to reconsider this relationship. And investing in pepper spray.

*How does he handle challenges/difficult circumstances?

*Relationships with people that inspire and challenge you are awesome.

*Learning how to have healthy disagreements is a smart idea.

*You can learn a lot about a guy by observing how he treats his family–especially his mama.

*Does he support you and encourage you to walk in the fullness of what God has for you?

*Having parents or another spiritual leader involved in your relationship can help things go much more smoothly.

*Being rooted in your identity in Christ is a MUST for healthy relationships (especially of the guy/girl kind).

*You are a solid 10, girl. Own it. And if you’re gonna date a guy, make sure he treats you like the princess you are.

*Flirting and texting all the time don’t make him your best friend.

*Confrontation and difficult discussions are inevitable–be courageous enough to speak the truth in love.

*How does he navigate confrontation?

* You will never complete someone, or be their savior. That’s Jesus’ role, honey.

*Recognizing areas of personal immaturity (especially when it comes to relationships), is actually a really mature thing to do.

*Actions speak louder than words.


Welp, that was a novel.

Here’s the bottom line: In all of your relationships, place Jesus between you and the other person. Seriously. Filter your thoughts and speech and actions and emotions through Holy Spirit–submitting to His leadership and allowing Him to direct your path.¬†

Here’s hoping you found this post encouraging, and it gave you some things to ponder! At the very least, can we all take a moment to admire that adorable picture of Mickey and Minnie?



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