50 Things That Made Me Smile Today

50 Things That Made Me Smile Today


(Because, hey, the little moments that count)
  1. Getting a solid 8 hours of sleep.
  2. Waking up early enough to get a head start on life.
  3. Actually feeling awake (for the most part) when my alarm went off.
  4. Catching up on some journaling.
  5. Working out. #abs
  6. Making a check list.
  7. Checking things off of my check list.
  8. Leaving early enough to have a super relaxed drive to work.
  9. Not needing to wear a coat today.
  10. The oldies radio station. #wearethechampions
  11. The perfect peanut butter to jelly ratio on my sandwich.
  12. Taking a seriously great double chin selfie.
  13. Having a chance to just sit and enjoy being with my family.
  14. Started the laundry process…yay for clean clothes!
  15. Putting the clean clothes away immediately after drying (yay for not procrastinating!)
  16. Re-designing my room.
  17. Watching spray-paint transform old pieces of furniture into lovely treasures.
  18. My Dad good-naturedly assisting with some of my DIY projects.
  19. Someone complimented my scarf.
  20. A friend sent me an encouraging text. 
  21. Getting a compliment from “the boss”.
  22. Singing in the car.
  23. Beat boxing in the car.
  24. Dancing in the car.
  25. Playing the air guitar in the car. (Don’t worry, the car was parked.)
  26. Watching old cartoons.
  27. Hearing that a friend got a promotion.
  28. Cute animal facts. #ottersholdhands   
  29. Eating a fruit snack.
  30. Microwaving some surprisingly good mac’n’cheese.
  31. Paper lanterns.
  32. Re-reading old journal entries. 
  33. Stumbling upon old letters from friends.
  34. Realizing how many wonderful people I’ve been blessed with.
  35. Talking with a costumer about her big plans for Easter.
  36. Looking at a camp picture taken earlier last summer.
  37. The kinda annoying costumer that I had to smile at anyway because that’s my job.
  38. Choosing to eat more fruit today. 
  39. Drinking a yummy juice at breakfast.
  40. Greek yogurt.
  41. Getting excited about tomorrow.
  42. The sunshine.
  43. Seeing the thermometer read 70 degrees.
  44. Looking at the plants in the yard. 
  45. Green lights.
  46. Red lights that didn’t last too long.
  47. Babysitting an awesome kid.
  48.  Thinking about eating brownies with chocolate frosting.
  49. Writing.
  50. Wearing cozy pajama’s and calming down after a busy day. 

Goodness. Didn’t realize how good my day really was, until I took the time to write this list…huh. Interesting.

Well, anyway, now it’s YOUR turn! What made you smile today?




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