So Ya Wanna Be Pretty?

nopeFood for Thought (Since I don’t have time to write a super long post but still really really wanna talk to you!) :

I’ve heard before that, people will only respect you as much as you respect yourself…I’m not entirely sure how accurate that statement is, but I do believe that the way we treat ourselves will greatly influence how we allow others to treat us.

I also believe that genuine confidence is one of the most attractive qualities ever. I don’t care how talented you are or how attractive you think you are/aren’t…few things compare to the glow that comes from someone who knows their identity in Christ and own it.

A confidence that enables someone to live passionately… to be secure enough in their own identity, that they can celebrate with others when something awesome happens to them…a boldness to take risks and maybe even fail miserably–but be able to get back up and keep moving forward…

Of course, this confidence has to be rooted in something much more lasting than a person’s appearance or abilities...those things can change in an instant. One bad or accident and BOOM. Mega confidence drop.

But Jesus? He’s the one constant in life. He’s not going anywhere.

He’s where I want to put my confidence. 



PS Please note the picture that came with this post…if ya wanna grow in confidence, then there’s no room for negative self-talk like that in your mind, honey. Change your thoughts and your feelings will follow 🙂 

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