That One Time I Ran Into A Door

puppyrunOkay. So, like, earlier this week, I kinda thought that maybe I was having an off day and secretly bugging the crap outta everyone.

We’ve all had those moments, right? Like, where we get too much into our heads and start assuming the worst about everything? Or, like, someone responds differently than you thought and you’re totally like, “Oh my gosh. Now they think I’m a freak. A weird freak who gets easily stressed out  and can’t plan too many things over text because she gets  confused and ends up having to take a nap.”

…That’s normal, right?

Look, here’s the deal: Whether you tend to be an extreme thinker (who often crosses into over-thinking) or not, we all have moments where we feel more awkward/dorkier than others.

Like last week when I ran into a glass door.

It can be easy to let those less-than-smooth moments  cling to you for the rest of the day, lingering like the smell of old trash.

But here’s the truth. As awkward as it was for me to run into a glass door, within 5 minutes, everyone had moved on and stopped thinking about it. All those cringe-worthy moments that seem so terrible and humiliating are a way bigger deal to us than to anyone else. Really. I can pretty much guarantee you that no one else was walking around the rest of the day, re-playing my run in with the door. (And if someone else really was thinking about it that much…well, that’s creepy.)

It can be so easy to keep going over and over all the dumb things we’ve done and said. If you’re like me, you’ve probably said and done quite a few dumb things, so ya have a good list to choose from. But, guyssss…that’s only gonna drive you crazy.

Earlier today, I was getting into a bit of a funk. I’d had a couple less-than-smooth moments and was really starting to let them get to me. Like, getting waaaay to far into my head, when in actuality, probably no one else was  giving me a second thought. Really. Most people do not think about me that much. And if they do, it’s still not nearly as much as I think about myself. (How’s that for some perspective? )

So, I had to take a moment. I had to mentally step back, breathe, and remind myself–everyone has awkward moments and feels unsure and does dumb things sometimes.  Was my awkward moment today going to affect my life 5 minutes from now? Possibly. What about 5 months from now? No…and definitely not 5 years from now…

Then is it really worth getting so stressed out over? 

Most likely not.

So what about you? Run into any glass doors lately?



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