Woes of an Overthinker

Thinking is a good thing. I’m a firm believer that most of us should think more often. However, there are some people who tend to over-use their ability to reason. For those of us who struggle with this tendency to overthink, every-day things suddenly become front page occurrences. Allow me to explain.

 Picking out clothes can be soooo hard. That dress is super cute, but a little short…what if I wear that and everyone thinks I’m a floozy and then they start one of those internet debates about modesty?! Wait, what about these jeans? Oh my gosh, not with that shirt!! Why do they always make me look fat when I wear them with that shirt?”


 You have a love/hate relationship with multiple choice tests. “The last two answers were A, so this one can’t be A…but A looks like a really good choice here. So either they’re tricking me…or my last answers were wrong! Shoot! Almost out of time…uhh…B. B for Bob…’cause Bob sounds like a smart name…right? It’s gotta be B.”


 Every stupid thing you’ve ever done/said comes back to haunt you at night. And all through-out the day. And then you have to debate whether or not to mention that stupid thing the next time you see the person you said the stupid thing to, or if you should just act like nothing ever happened.


Emojis. “What the heck is that wink smiley face supposed to mean???”


Shopping for presents is stressful.  I want something that says, “Hey! I know you so well, I just effortlessly picked out this present that just so happens to be perfect for you!” 12 stores and several hours on Ebay later, you finally buy them something dumb they’ll probably never use. 


 Taylor Swift songs. Oh my gosh. Taylor. Which guy are you singing about now?


Preparing to go to a party can be stressful. Hence the reason you’ve checked with all your friends to see what they’re wearing AND made sure that if you did have to bring a snack, it was one that no one would be allergic to AND you’re bringing a gift, just in case.


Relationships: “So, he emailed me the homework assignment yesterday…I guess you could say things are getting pretty serious.”


You edit your text messages more than a paper for school, and regret them the instant they’re sent: “Oh my gosh. Why did I just text him? Why oh why oh why??? He’s gonna think I’m so desperate. He’s never gonna wanna talk to me again, cause he’ll think I’m just a needy, clingy, desperate person with no life….That’s it. I’m done. I’m never texting anybody ever again. I’m just gonna be a cat lady. Cats don’t text.” (Note: blogging/writing/posting  result in similar emotions)no

Sarcasm is confusing. Seriously…were you being funny there, or are you actually kinda ticked off? (What’s even worse is when you try using sarcasm and it comes out wrong…cue another 3 nights of not sleeping because you’re too busy thinking about how mean you sounded.)sorry

Trying to find the right words to say in the moment, and then just sounding like Porky the Pig.Wait–you, like, want me to respond now? Ummm…can you give me a sec? Still trying to figure out the best way to describe my feelings on this.”


Yeah, it’s rough, guys. I get it. Here’s the deal: Most people are  more caught up in their own lives and issues, than they are in yours. While they might notice if you have an awkward moment or say the not-so-right-thing at the not-so-right-time, 2 hours from then they’ll have moved on to something totally different. Really. As great as you are, you’re not the center of their universe. 

And that’s  a pretty reassuring thought. Kinda makes you feel like you can actually get some sleep tonight, instead of staying up regretting half of your conversations.



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