Pastels, Nails, and Cartoon Jesus

bunnySo, guess what today is, guys?

Easter Sunday!!! Huzzah! A time for chocolate, dressing up fancy, hunting for eggs…and, oh yeah, isn’t this the one day of the year that everyone’s supposed to go to church?

Okay, okay. All sarcasm aside, I’ve been doing some serious pondering about Easter. heisrisenGrowing up in Sunday school, I heard about Jesus and the resurrection all the time. ALL.THE.TIME. I remember sitting down with my graham cracker and cup of juice, and coloring a picture of cartoon Jesus standing next to a cave. Apparently, I was supposed to be excited about that. All I was thinking about, though, was how itchy my fancy dress was, and how I just wanted to go home and eat candy.

Welp, it’s Easter time. Again. The stores are flooded with pastel plastic eggs, pastel stuffed animals, pastel candies…I mean, pastels are nice, but c’mon–don’t ya think we’re overdoing it? Walmart looks like a freaking baby shower right now. If I see one more pastel basket covered in bows, I might lose it.

ANYWHO, I was pondering Easter (because, it’s that time of year). Thinking about the food and what I’d wear and feeling miserable because, try as I might, when I think of Easter, it seems that I’m stuck in the mindset of cartoon Jesus next to a cave. I still have trouble grasping just who Jesus is and how incredibly powerful His resurrection is.

I’m still far too comfortable with God. I get so used to the story of the gospel that, I forget to ponder. To praise Him. To realize just what it is I’ve been celebrating this entire weekend.  To understand just who He is.

wristsYou’ve most likely seen a bunch of different articles related to the true meaning of Easter and Jesus and the crucifixion. You may even watch a movie about it and will probably read about it in one of the gospels. There’s so many better sources out there than what I can offer. So, I’m just gonna leave you with these few thoughts, and let you and Holy Spirit go from there.

1. Jesus is God. God put Himself in a weak human body and lived on the earth. The all-powerful, totally brilliant, set apart, holy GOD came down to our level. He met us where we were at. That’s a big deal. (John 1:14, Philippians 2:8, Galatians 4:4)

2. He felt pain. And what He endured on the cross is one of the most physically tormenting forms of death a person can experience. Pain. LOTS of pain. Like, thorns in his head,  liquid filling his lungs, REALLY big nails piercing through His wrists…look it up. It’s pretty intense stuff. (Psalm 22:14-18,  Mark 15:16-32, John 19)

3. You were separated from God. You were too disgusting to even think of coming near Him. But. He loved you so much. He wanted you so badly. He so desired to be with you and for you to be with Him, that He endured it all. He didn’t have to. Quite frankly, if I were God, I woulda let all those ungrateful sinners just suck it up and pay the price for their stupidity. But that’s not who our God is–He is loving and humble and jealous for our hearts. He made a way. (Psalm 18:30,Micah 7:18-19, John 3:16-17, 1 John 4:10)

I’m still praying for the Lord to make it real to my heart. To allow me to truly see and understand just how amazing He is and what an incredible testimony the cross is. But, it’s a start. And the more I ponder, the more I begin to realize just how amazing Jesus is. 

There is no one like our God.

* Disclaimer: Okay, in an earlier publication post of this, I accidentally wrote that Jesus endured broken bones. Guys, I know that’s not true. He fulfilled the prophesy that none of His bones were broken (Psalm 34:20, John 19:36). Not sure why that accidentally slipped in there…other than, it was late when I was actually writing this post and I probably needed to go to sleep. Anywho, I figured out the problem and quickly replaced it. So. Happy Easter 🙂
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