Things I Need to Start Doing

I do lots of things, every day, that I wish I didn’t. I get stressed out, assume the worst, forget to do the dishes…BUT, instead of focusing on all the things I’m trying not to do, Imma take a moment to focus on what I am aiming for.  After all, it’s a lot easier to change old habits when you’re working towards new ones.


1. Smiling more

2. Enjoying the moment

3. Liking myself just because I’m me

4. Remembering friends’ favorite things

5. Intentionally giving

6. Actually folding my clean laundry, instead of just throwing it in a pile

7. Venturing outside of my comfort zone

8. Letting others be themselves

9. Finding the positive

10. Making better food choices

11.  Being honest about how I feel

12. Choosing to stop comparing myself to others

13. Running…or jogging…or, ya know, speed walking…

14. Planning more outings

15. Choosing thankfulness

16. Chilling out and not overthinking everything

17.  Listening

18. Allowing others to see the real me

19. Speaking kindly

20. School work

21. Helping others succeed

22. Taking the focus off of myself 

23. Being okay with being a work in progress

24. Figuring out if and when there’s a time for sparkly blue eye-shadow

25. Building other people up

26. Forgiving

27. Laughing at myself

28. Ignoring the relationship advice found in most chick flicks

29. Calling people on the phone, just because

30. Letting people see me be silly 

31. Buying Nutella

32. Actually writing stuff down on my calendar

33. Keeping promises

34. Meeting new people

35. Remembering that everyone, even the totally-unapproachable-because-they’re-so-cool kids, wear deodorant. Or, at least, they should.

36. Cooking real food and not just boxed mac ‘n’ cheese

37. Asking questions

38. Loving people the way Jesus does

39. Figuring out more ways to style my hair (and incorporating hair ribbons into said style)

40. Choosing to be happy for others, instead of jealous

41. Deciding to stop expecting the worst

42. Reading good books

43. Appreciating the small things

44. Realizing that you can’t make everybody happy

45. Understanding the One opinion that really matters

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