The Unspoken Rules of Girls

The Unspoken Rules of Girls


1. Texting someone “K”, is usually code for: “Something you said upset me and I’m ending this conversation.” 

2. When a girl puts herself down  (example: “My hair is SO frizzy!“) everyone within hearing distance is responsible for quickly disagreeing with her. Even if her hair really is frizzy.

3. Comfort food and sweatpants help improve most situations. Until you feel fat from eating too much comfort food. Hence, the sweats.

4. You can be mad at your best friend. But woe to anyone else who even thinks about trash-talking your bestie.silenttreatment

5. The silent treatment often speaks louder than words. If a normally chatty girl starts giving you the cold shoulder, you’d better start thinking about what you might’ve done.

6. When it comes to slumber parties, all secrets told at the sleepover, stay at the sleepover.

7. If you find out who another girl has a crush on, it’s your unspoken duty to help them out. Under no circumstances is it acceptable to flirt with this boy. Unless you’re willing to risk the silent treatment (see rule #5).

8. The once-over look is given to every new girl who walks in the room. It’s called, “checking out the competition”.

9. When a girl says, “I’m fine.” she’s probably not. In fact, even if she doesn’t plan on telling you what’s really going on, she still probably wants you to ask what’s up.

strongwoman10. “Who needs a boyfriend? I have Netflix!” is code for, “I probably actually do want a boyfriend, but am trying to appear like the strong, independent woman society tells me I need to be.” Because, ya know, an unhealthy reliance on Netflix makes you seem super independent.

11. There is no right answer to “Does this outfit make me look bad?”. If you say “No”, you’ll be accused of lying just to be nice. If you say “Yes”, you’ll probably be reprimanded for being rude. You could attempt to play it safe and say, “You always look great!”, but even that’s on shaky ground. Sorry.

12. “I don’t care!” Is totally a lie. A girl most definitely knows where she’d prefer to eat or what movie she wants to see. She’s just trying to be polite.

13. Even if you think a girl’s boyfriend/crush is totally dorky, you have to find something good to say about him. “His left earlobe is so symmetrical!” could always work. Just kidding. That’s a really lame compliment. Don’t say that.

14. It’s perfectly acceptable for a girl to publicly put herself down, but is considered rude to outright insult another girl.

15. Sarcasm and passive-agressive statements are perfectly acceptable ways to try to express your true feelings. Hopefully someone will read between the lines and pick up what you’re trying to hint at. If not, you’re totally within your rights to become upset with them.notextback

16. If you’re texting someone and they don’t reply within a few minutes, you’re probably annoying them to pieces and they hate you. This is especially true if it’s  that guy.

While it’s true that all girls are unique and some react to certain things differently than others…I’ve definitely observed similar patterns, in both myself and in other girls. In all honesty…can’t say I’m super proud of a lot of these reactions.

Leaves me wondering, how do my actions and how I handle my emotions line up with what the Lord says?

Something to think on.



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