Things You Should NEVER Say to a Girl

*Just in case you were wondering…


“No offense, but…”–Stop. (“In the name of love…”)You know this won’t end well.

 “I can’t believe you didn’t understand the Algebra test!”–And I can’t believe you didn’t have enough taste to avoid mentioning the test!

 “So cute! Did you get that from a thrift store?”— Although I probably did pick up my super adorable outfit at the thrift store (because, save the trees,ya’ll…and its way cheaper)that doesn’t mean I want you to assume that I bought previously owned clothing.

“I ate all of your chocolate.”–Get out. Now.

 “Your hair gets all frizzy when you’re upset.”— Umm…thank you…?

“Why are you freaking out? It’s not a big deal.” –Well, it’s kinda a big deal to me…thanks for disregarding my feelings there.

“You think that actor is cute? Ewwww!–Really appreciate you saying I have no taste. Just kidding, actually. I didn’t appreciate that.

“Wow! You’re a lot heavier than you look!”— Not exactly sure how I’m supposed to take this…is it a compliment or an insult in disguise?

“How much do you weigh?–No.

“Oh my gosh. All these boys like me! I just wish they’d leave me alone, ya know?”–Actually, I don’t know, because all the boys are too busy chasing after you. I’m just here for the food, ya know?

“You SO need to get an Instagram.”–Why?

“You’re so…cute.” (said with a smirk and one of those glance overs.)– I’m also the same age as you. Please don’t talk to me like I’m six.

“You actually liked that movie? Really?”–Yup. It’s called having an opinion.

“Wow! You can eat a lot!”–Again, how am I supposed to take this? It’s not an outright insult, but it certainly doesn’t sound like you were trying to compliment me…care to specify?

“Congrats on your achievement! I wish I was as talented as you, then maybe I would’ve been recognized too!”–Oh…umm…thank you…I’m sorry… Yeah. That just makes both of us feel bad. And awkward.

“Did you just snort?”– No, I sang opera…just kidding. Did you not hear? Yes, I snorted when I laughed! It’s ’cause I thought you were funny. So, really, its a compliment to you. You’re welcome.

“It’s so sad that you don’t have a smart phone!”–Thanks for reminding me.

You look fine.”–Fine? Fine?! I don’t want to just be  “fine”, I want to look freaking amazing! What do you mean fine? Is is my hair? Or the shoes?? I knew I shouldn’t have worn these shoes…

Now you know.

*Disclaimer:Every girl is unique and different. What one girl may get upset with, another girl may not mind at all. These are mainly friendly suggestions. And yes, I have had people say all of these things to me before. I actually find it kinda amusing. That’s all. Also, this post was created completely for entertainment purposes. Don’t take it too seriously, it’s supposed to be humorous. Just be kind and use the brain that God gave you. Okay, that’s really all. 



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1 Response to Things You Should NEVER Say to a Girl

  1. soulpants says:

    Hey, I’ve said at least one of those to you before. Fine post really fine post!

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