If I Had A Younger Sister

I’m the eldest child in my family. And the only girl. Which means, I never had the pleasure of growing up with an older sister to glean advice from. As fantastic as my brother is, he doesn’t care much for my girly advice. But. Assuming I did have a younger sister, I’d tell her all the things I wish I’d learned sooner. Aka, the following message:


1. You can never own too many bobby pins.

2. It is possible, however, to use too much hairspray.

3. Tea tastes better with honey.

4. Creative thinking and a positive attitude can solve almost any problem.

5. You’re not gonna be the best at everything. And that’s okay.

6. Smiling is one of the best things to do for your appearance.

7. Cinnamon face masks BURN. Proceed at your own risk.

8. Be courageous enough to ask questions.

9. Try new things.

10. Learn to laugh at yourself.

11. Good listeners will go far in life.

12. Just because everyone else is wearing something doesn’t mean you should.

13. When applying makeup, make sure people can still see your real face.

14. Don’t try to grow up too quickly.

15. Be willing to stand for righteousness, even if you feel alone.

16. Sometimes people need a second chance to make a first-impression.

17. Embarrassing moments now, make hilarious stories later.

18. Oftentimes, parents actually know what they’re talking about.

19. School is very important.

20. That being said, there is more to life than school.

21. Explore your interests and take time to get good at them.

22.It’s important to learn how to cook.

23. Chocolate chip cookies taste better with ice cream.

24. Don’t take everything personally.

25. How to properly walk in heels: Heel, toe, heel, toe…

26. Nicholas Sparks novels are in the fiction section for a reason.

27. You can’t be  best friends with everyone.

28. Most people aren’t good at keeping secrets.

29. Just because you can live on 6 hours of sleep every night, doesn’t mean you should.

30. There is a song for any and all occasions and moods.

31. Glitter nail polish stays on longer than regular nail polish.

32. Be wary of cheap earrings.

33. The right accessories can completely transform an outfit.

34.  Milkshakes are always a good idea.

35. You shouldn’t brush curly hair. That makes it frizzy and poofy.

36. 10 years from now, it isn’t gonna matter what your social status was in high school.

37. Whenever you feel intimidated by someone, just remind yourself that they (hopefully) wear deodorant,  just like everyone else.

38. All things in moderation. Including selfies. #nofilter

39. Be friends with people who build you up.

40. Life isn’t about you. Live for something bigger than yourself.

41. Be kind, but also be brave enough to be honest.

42. Learn to be decisive. When someone asks, it’s okay to suggest where you’d prefer to eat dinner.

43. Tom Cruise’s smile is slightly off-center.

44. Freckles are adorable.

45. A good friendship is one where you both encourage each other to grow.

46. You are never too old for Disney. Or playing dress up.

47. Once said, words can’t be taken back. Speak with care.

48. There is a time and place for texting boys. 2 in the morning is not one of those times.

49. Be the kind of person who finds the good and builds others up.

50. Being yourself is way more fun than attempting to be someone else.
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