Some Things I Learned on a Snowy Saturday

Some Things I Learned on a Snowy Saturday

sneezes1. Stuffy noses are no fun, but it’s better to be able to breathe from one nostril than have them both clogged up…at least, that’s my humble opinion. Also, after a while, sneezing gets kinda old.

2. Extra cheesy, baked potato soup probably isn’t the best thing for helping said stuffy nose. But it tastes incredible. Especially when you add extra bacon.

3. It’s nice to be invited places, even if you can’t attend. I’d much rather receive an invitation and have to regretfully decline, than never be invited at all. Being wanted feels good.

4. Sometimes those independent movies on Netflix are ridiculously cheesy. And sometimes they’re actually hidden gems.

5.It’s hard to remove nail polish without nail polish remover.

6.Snow is fun and pretty to look at, but it certainly makes planning in advance a challenge. That being said, sometimes it’s okay to not plan in advance. Spontaneity can be a good thing.

7. Essential oils are supposed to help people feel better and be healthier. Whether or not mugthis is true, they certainly smell pleasant and can make for interesting teas.

8. Tea is much more enjoyable when drank from a fun mug.

9. Reality TV shows are usually scripted and not as real as you’d think. Also, wedding planners have a crazy stressful job. I don’t want to be a wedding planner. Or star in a reality TV show.

10. Egg yolks and egg whites can be used as  face masks (they have tons of nutrients and are supposed to revitalize the skin…or something like that). Also, when egg whites harden on your face, they get all tight and crinkle when you try to talk. It’s extremely amusing to watch.

11. Sometime in  the near future, I get to set my clock forward an hour. Oh boy.

12. Apparently,  a balanced diet–not intense workouts or personal trainers– was one of the biggest factors to helping Marilyn Monroe maintain her slim figure. She ate nutritious foods, and did moderate exercises (including light weight lifting). Food for thought (see what I did there???): What’s up with everyone making a big deal about what her dress size was or what she did/didn’t weigh? The lady was pretty. Do ya need a number to prove that?  

13. Snow days are the perfect day to think about working out, and then not do it. I mean, it’s way too cold to do push ups, right? Of course right.

14. Laundry has a way of piling up throughout the week. Where did that giant pile of cookieclothes come from?

15.You can’t make chocolate chip cookie  cups without chocolate chips. And you can’t get chocolate chips without going to the store. And you can’t go to the store without braving the cold and snow…but you CAN just stay home and eat Oreos instead.

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