You Might Be A Writer If…

You Might Be A Writer If…

tea* It’s impossible to enjoy a hot cup of tea while working on a story–you get so caught up in finding the perfect words, that by the time you remember your tea, it’s cold.

* You’ve made a point of learning how to correctly spell the word: “supercalifragilisticexpialidocious”  Bonus points if you can say it backwards…though, that’s going a bit too far, don’t you think?

*You despise  words like “good”, “bad”, “fine”, and “okay”. Seriously, how non-descriptive can you get?

* Learning new words is fun! So is resurrecting older locutions to enhance regular confabulations. (Boom. New vocab words right there.)

*If you’ve published or shared any of your works, you’ve gotten used to people attempting to read into your private life based on your writing. Honestly,guys, just because I mentioned One Direction does not mean I’m going to their concert.

journals*There’s a notebook on your nightstand…and in your backpack…and possibly the car…inspiration could come at any moment, you have to be ready.

*You have a reputation for sending really long texts.

*When in doubt, journals are always a safe gift for someone to give you. Goodness knows,
you’ll need a new journal soon enough.

*Sometimes, you think about how you’d describe various friends if they were a character in a book. Or various people you aren’t as fond of. I mean, somebody had to be the inspiration for Cruella De Vil…right?

*People mixing up homonyms (to, too, two, etc.) bothers you more than it should.

*There’s a lot going on inside your mind. You’ve probably got a crazy imagination and can whip up the most fantastic scenarios ever. Which can be pretty entertaining…unless you overthink things and freak yourself out.

creative *Writing assignments usually aren’t too terrible.You are the artist and the pen and paper (or computer) are your paintbrush and canvas. Creating a masterpiece in 500 words or less? Challenge accepted.

“Either write something worth reading, or do something worth writing.” ~Benjamin Franklin



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