When Things Gets Messy

Daily Post 4 of 7


Today’s word is: Truth.

I am a broken human. I have lots of flaws. Lots. As in, sometimes I just can’t handle it and have to go eat chocolate because I’m feeling overwhelmed by how much of a work in progress I am. True story.

You have lots of flaws too. While other people probably aren’t aware of most of them, you know they’re there.You’re most likely well aware of your challenges and struggles.

You’re also probably aware of other people’s shortcomings. Admit it, if people only knew what we’re really thinking most of the time…things would get ugly fast.

It can be so easy to identify ourselves and others by our weaknesses. Anyone else ever reflect on their hearts and think: “I am such a mess! What do you even see in me, Jesus?”

Okay, maybe you say it a bit differently. But still. The idea remains the same–we tend to label ourselves according to our weakness.

In other words, in my shame and pride, I reject the truth of what God is declaring over me, and agree with lies.

Jesus doesn’t call me an “emotional mess” (although I can recall declaring that over myself on multiple occasions.). He declares that I walk in the fruits of the Spirit (love, joy, PEACE…Galatians 5:22-25).

God doesn’t define me by my weakness–He sees the real methe Sasha He created me to be…the person He is making me. Yes, He’s well aware of my many mistakes and mess-ups. But that’s not what He calls me. Jesus hasn’t labeled me “Sasha the walking meltdown” or “Sasha the girl who cant go 24 hours without overthinking things.” 

He calls out who He is creating me to be. He calls me “Sasha the girl who walks in God’s perfect peace” and “Sasha the awesome one that Jesus loves  a lot”. He knows I’m a work in progress–but He has made me whole. I am a beautiful diamond, covered in flesh/weakness. But Jesus looks past that weakness, and sees the gem underneath. And that’s what He chooses to focus on, as He works in me to remove the grime covering up who He has made me to be.

And now, challenge number 4: Write down 3 of your biggest weaknesses/insecurities and the labels that have come with them. I’m talking about the things you really tend to beat yourself up about.

Now, take a moment to talk with Jesus. Give Him those labels and repent for agreeing with lies. Ask Him to show you the truth/His heart over each weakness you wrote.

Write down each truth Jesus shares with you, and declare it over yourself–out loud. 

You are awesome. And you’re not alone–everyone else is a work in progress, too 🙂



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