Watching Football and Taking the Dare

So. I was recently challenged by my father and fellow writer, to publish one blog post daily for the next week.

I rarely turn down a dare.

Hopefully, you like this blog, because huzzah for you! Today begins  an entire week full of posts!!

And challenges. Because, ya know, we’re all in this together. I have a list of 7 words and intend to blog about one each day for the next week. In conclusion to each post, I  also will have a challenge for y-o-u.

You ready? This is gonna be a blast 🙂

Daily Post 1 of 7 


Throughout the past few months, it seems I’ve become more aware of the affects of fear in my life. How it can influence my relationships, words, actions, feelings…fear is a pretty invasive thing.

It’s also today’s word.

There’s a million things I could write about in relation to fear. But, for the sake of our sanity, I’m just gonna focus in on one topic right now–when we allow fear to prevent us from trying new things. Good things. Healthy things. Things we probably should do, but are too scared to attempt.

Some of my fondest memories involved me making the choice to step outside of my comfort zone and try something new.

Admittedly, it doesn’t always work out. So many times I’ve stepped out of my comfort zone, only to fall flat on my face. I’ve auditioned for shows and been terribly disappointed with my role. I’ve struck up a conversation with the new kid, only to be rejected. I’ve tried out various sports, and ended up looking like a completely uncoordinated klutz.

But I tried. And that, in itself, is a victory.

Many people believe that, in order to overcome fear, they have to do really big things. Ya know, like hold a live snake,  skye-dive , deliver a speech in front of thousands of people…but that’s not always the case. Each time we choose to step outside of our comfort zoneeven if it’s in something small, like watching a football game with a group of sports fanatics when you really don’t get football (oh wait, thats me…)–we gain progress over our fear. Every time we look our fear in the face (whether it be big or small), and choose not to let it control our actions, we have victory. Victory, whether it be extravagant or seemingly ordinary, is still victory.

And so, dear readers, here is my challenge for you today: Write down one thing/situation that intimidates you. It could be the difficult conversation you’ve been putting off, that fitness program you keep thinking about starting, the different classes you considered signing up for…

Now go do it. Write out a plan. Get a friend to join you. Do some research.

Make it happen. You will feel so unstoppable afterwards. And who knows what doors could open up because you chose to step outside of your comfort zone, and confront your fear?



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