The Year I Purposefully Left my Christmas Nativity in the Garage

christmastimeWanna know a secret?

Last Christmas, I didn’t put up my nativity set. On purpose.

Yup. You read that right. I purposefully left the porcelain Mary and Joseph and Jesus and donkey and sheep in their styrofoam-insulated box, in our garage.

Oh my goodness. Why would Sasha do such an unbelievably heathen act? I’ll tell ya why.

You see, every year around Christmas time, it feels like we’re met with the same old routine–“Hey guys!! It’s December! That means presents! And cookies! And movies!!! Oh yeah, and don’t forget Jesus. And presents!!!”

Maybe other people have different experiences. It’s possible that I’m the only one who does this. But, for me , it seems like, each year I put a huge emphasis on presents and the fun of the holidays, and throw Jesus in as an after thought. (Ya know, part of my Christian duty).

Sure, I say it’s all about Jesus…but in my mind, I’m totally only thinking about how many fun Christmas parties I can cram into the month of December. I love that  part of the holidays, and am not at all bashing it–what I’m dissatisfied with is the fact that I tend to half-heartedly force myself to try to acknowledge Jesus for a brief moment too. 

Wait a minute–shouldn’t I be acknowledging Jesus all year around? I mean, He’s so much more than just Santa Claus and the Easter Bunny’s competition, right? He’s the God of the universe, who humbled Himself to become a man–a poor man, not even a politician or royal, okay?– to serve and love us and pay the ultimate price.

Why do I wait for holidays to come around and attempt to remind me of how amazing Jesus is (because, even then, I’m normally more focused on candy and presents than the Man the holiday celebrates)?

And heck, while we’re on this topic, what  is up with everyone supposedly becoming more friendly and generous around Christmas time? I mean, what about the rest  of the year? There are still just as many people in need of food and a smile and kindness the other 11 months of the year as there are in December.

Okay, okay. Please understand: I’m NOT criticizing holidays or nativities or the fact that we have fun ways of celebrating Christmas. I’m also not upset about that fact that December is the month that reminds us to become more aware of our fellow man and how we can reach out to others.

What I am saying is this: Jesus is worthy of my praise and adoration all year round. I need to reflect on the beauty of who He is and the greatness of His sacrifice more than just in December with my  little nativity (I do really really like my nativity set, by the way). I need a revelation of the glory of God…I need a love and reverence for Him that goes down deep in my heart and grows throughout all the days, months, and years to come.

And while we’re at it, I should be kind to people a lot more often too. Let’s face it, anyone can be nice for one month–but to intentionally love others throughout the entire year? Sheesh. That’s  where it gets real.



P.S. Major shout out and thanks to Zach H, for suggesting a Christmas inspired post AND for sharing his awesome photography skills by letting me use one of his pictures for this post! 

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