Giant Snakes, Pick Up Lines, and the World Series

So…it’s November. Which means that our Month of Adventures has come to a come to a close… we made it, guys!!!! Huzzah!! Hope you’re looking forward to reading about my last few adventures, because this post is definitely a detailed one 🙂

amazingOctober 20th: Made a “What I Like About You” jar for the first time ever! Took a bunch of different colored strips of paper and wrote encouraging notes to a friend ( basically acknowledging their all-around awesomeness). THEN, I folded up the little notes, put them all in a jar, decorated the jar, and gave the jar to said friend. It was super fun AND easy AND it helped me to really appreciate the amazing people I’m blessed to know. Boom. 

October 21st: Started some new school subjects!!! Huzzah!! (Not sure if this makes me a nerd or not, but hey, it was an adventure.)

October 22nd: Stood in the very front during worship at youth group. Yeah, it sounds dumb, but seriously. This was a major milestone for me. Although I attempt to cover it up, I actually struggle with feeling extremely self-conscious a lot of the time. So much so, that my legs were literally shaking the entire hour of worship. But, I took a deep breath, faced that fear, and tried my best to focus on Jesus. It was a great victory 🙂 

23rd: First time doing an improv performance in front of a legit audience. Like, “Hey! Here’s a random topic! You now have 1 minute to make up a song about it and sing in front of all these people !!” It’s crazy what comes out of your mouth when you only have one msnakeinute to think about what to say… 

24th: Had a giant snake get caught in my garage door. Forever grateful  for the brave souls (you know who you are) that finally came and…uh…disposed of that creature…

25th: Watched a new, super cheesy, Hallmark movie! It was about this guy from the future, who travels back in time to learn about what love really is. Because, apparently in the future, the Pacific Ocean is completely dried up and  people morph into  super intelligent beings that don’t need friends. Weird.

26th: A group of chums and I went shopping. We decided to be quadruplets and try on matching Beatles shirts and pink tutus. Who on earth would wear a pink tutu in public? Apparently us.

27th: Tried a Trader Joe’s Dark Chocolate Cookie Butter Cup for the first time! It was  tasty. The end.

28th: Found my new favorite pick up line! It’s a Disney one too, which makes it even better. Most of the Disney pick up lines I found were NOT classy. At all. As in, no gentleman would ever consider repeating them. But, this one was a pleasant surprise. Ready?

“So, my name isn’t Sully…but you could still be my Boo 🙂 “

WHAT. Call me cheesy, but this is stinking adorable. I smile every time I think about it…awwww…. 😀 😀

29th: Attended a huge World Series game watch party!! In case you didn’t get the memo, I’m not really a sporty person, so this was a big deal. Sure, I spent most of the time talking to the people sitting next to me, but still. I was there.

30th: Used a new Snicker-doodle cookie recipe. They were chewy, sugary, and melt-in-your-mouth likechristmas. It was a success.

31st: Got my face painted (it was a butterfly)!!! AND, attempted to dress like Lloyd Christmas. Unfortunately, I have too much hair and the wig didn’t really fit on my head. Ooh! But, I DID beat a friend on an obstacle course race! So, that kinda makes up for the wig thing, right?

Well, this post is a little longer than I anticipated…but hey, it is the final Adventure Month update, so might as well make it count, yeah? This month still seemed pretty normal, as far as months go. Nothing truly crazy or exciting happened. I’m still me. I still had bad hair days and grumpy days and stuck-at-home-with-nothing-to-do days. But this month of intentionally trying new things did help me to better understand how my attitude influences my perspective. I can choose to find the joy and beauty in even the most mundane of days, or I can sit and mope. It also reminded me that life goes by quickly and I don’t want to waste a minute of it. So, even though Adventure Month is over, I’ve decided that, my adventures have only begun.

Here’s to tomorrow and the adventures that come with it 🙂



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