Rainy Weddings, Martha Stewart, and Mission Impossible

So. It’s October 10th. For those of you who’ve read some of my earlier posts, you know what that means…I’ve officially tried (at least) 10 new things so far this month!! Hurrah! So, just in case you ever wondered what I’ve been up to during this Month of Adventures, here’s a recap of my journey so far 🙂

October 1st: Was in an outdoor wedding. 30 minutes before the ceremony, it started pouring rain outside! Have you ever seenmartha a bunch of well-dressed groomsmen and bridesmaids running around in the rain attempting to bring everything inside and set it up before the bride comes down the aisle? I have.

October 2nd: Made quiche for the first time EVER. It was good. Martha Stewart would’ve been proud.

October 3rd: For a few moments, my life became a mini “Mission Impossible” when I sneaked McDonald’s french fries into a movie theatre for the first time in the history of my life. And cookie dough, but that’s old school. 

October 4th: Learned a new card game called “Golf”…need to practice.

October 5th: Visited a cider mill (because autumn is upon us!!! YAY!!!) And tried an apple cider slushi. Oh. My. Goodness. Can gingeryou say, ” truly scrumptious”? 

October 6th: As an early birthday gift, a friend surprised me with a day out. So, after being blindfolded and having to solve riddles to figure out where we were going, they drove to a park and taught me how to swing dance. Not sure how I actually looked attempting to dance, but in my mind, I was Ginger Rogers.

October 7th: Got a balloon animal that looked like a monkey. Need I say more? #supercool #monkeys

October 8th: Woke up early and watched the lunar eclipse! It was so cool! Okay, okay…I was more impressed with the luminous stars than the burnt orange moon…but still, I was there, ‘kay? Then, I went back to bed. 5:15 in the morning  is way too early for this chic.

October 9th: Played Settlers of Catan for the first time EVER. And lost Settlers of Catan…

Also, BONUS for October 9th: A friend of mine who’s really great at magic tricks/slight of hand (seriously, this kid is going places) let me be his assistant for some new card tricks! Well…all I did was pick a card…but still, that’s a pretty important task.

October 10th: ???? adventure

Anywho, that’s a summary of my month so far. All in all, it’s been a pretty fun experience, and I’ve learned a bunch! Now, if you’ll excuse me, I have to go find today’s adventure…



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