You Might be a Musical Theatre Kid if…



You Might be a Musical Theatre Kid if…

 *”If you love to sing!”~ Kinda the whole reason it’s musical theatre. Tyler gets it 🙂

*Movie night consists of old musicals, particularly ones starring Gene Kelly, Doris Day, Debbie Reynolds, or Fred Astaire.

*You own a variety of different jazz/tap/character shoes…even if you don’t really attend regular dance classes.danceaudition

*Voice warm ups are appropriate at almost anytime or place…possibly even at Walmart.

*”You make fun of Russell Crowe’s performance in Les Mis CONSTANTLY.”~shout out to Abby!

*You were torn between a desire to laugh and cry out in indignation when John Travolta introduced Idina Menzel  (or should we say, “Adela Dazeem”?) at the Oscars.

*Prima donnas and divas are more than just urban legends to you *shudders* They are very, very real. 

*It’s normal for you to randomly burst into song–and then feel bitterly disappointed if no one else joins in.

*Dairy is wonderful, until audition day, when it becomes your mortal enemy.

*”You quote whatever show you are in during day-to-day conversation and your non-theatre friends are left confused. “~ Amen, Rachel 🙂

stagemakeup*You have to be careful when applying every-day makeup, because you’re so used to plastering on a bunch of stage make up during show weeks.

*Some of your fondest theatre memories take place backstage or in the green room, hanging out with the rest of the cast.

*Disney movies are magical. You quote them regularly.

*Post show depression–it’s real, people.castlist

*Waiting for the cast list is more thrilling and suspenseful than Christmas AND your birthday combined.

 *You still get those excited butterflies every single time the curtain goes up, and know that all the hard work and sacrifices were completely worth it.


Any other tips on how to spot a musical theatre kid?





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