11 Things I Wish Every Teenage Girl Knew

11 Things I Wish Every Teenage Girl Knew


1. Next to Jesus, your parents are your biggest allies. Treasure your relationship with them, and be intentional about  loving and honoring them. Yes, they will mess up a LOT. But guess what? You’ve made your share of messes too. *hugs*

2. It’s the girl who makes the outfit, not the outfit that makes the girl. Styles are constantly changing and 20 years from now, your children will most likely laugh at the clothes you wore as a teenager, so why bother worrying about fads anyway? Wear what you love and rock it with confidence.clothes

3. There is a big difference between boys and men. Note: most teenage guys are still in the “boys” category. This doesn’t mean that they can’t make fantastic friends–but do us all a favor and use some extra wisdom in the area of guy/girl relationships, ladies.

4.  Confidence and authenticity are two of the most attractive qualities ever. Apply daily and wear with a smile.

5. Your words and actions are mega powerful. The way you speak to and treat those around you will impact them more than you’ll ever know. Use your word filter, ‘kay? And check your heart attitude while you’re at it. 

6. Heavy make up doesn’t make you look like a clown…it just looks like you’re trying too hard. Seriously girls.You don’t need to repaint your entire face for make-up to be effective. Learn what colors work best for you and how to highlight your naturally great features, and you’re set.

7. Comparison is the thief of joy. So you’re a size 8 and your friend is a size 4? You can’t sing to save your life and your next door neighbor is the church worship leader? Who cares? Your life is far too precious to waste comparing to someone else’s. Discover your own identity in Christ and allow Him to have His way in you! An original is so much more valuable than just another copy.

homework8. Grades don’t define your intelligence. To quote Laura Ingalls, “Even eggs get graded.”  That being said, school is important. Do your best and study hard. But don’t let your academic successes or struggles define you–you are so much more than a percentage on a test or a letter on a report card.

9. Size is just a number. You will never measure up to Hollywood’s standards, even with a thigh-gap and size zero waist.  So why even try playing their game? Take care of your body (aka, the Temple of the Holy Spirit–do you understand how powerful that is???) But don’t try to squeeze yourself into someone else’s standards. You are beautiful right now, flaws and all.

10. You are valuable just by being you. Without doing, saying, or giving anything, you are worthwhile. And enjoyable. And unique. And interesting. Heck, even though you’re still a work in progress, you’re lovely and have eternal value in the Father’s heart. Believe it, and everyone else will follow your lead.hairwash

11. How you view yourself will influence how other people see you. So what if you’re having a bad hair day or put on an outfit that looks like Grandma’s sofa? Outshine it with glowing confidence, and the only thing people will notice is your radiant personality. And on the good hair days? All the more reason to glow.



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