Would You Like A Cup of Sunshine with That?

cupofsunshineThe past five days have been quite productive, in my opinion. 30 Days of Thanksgiving is in full swing, and I’ve already noticed some changes in my attitude! (Recap for the newbies: 30 Days of Thanksgiving is a challenge to write and deliver 1 thank-you note daily, from now until October 31st.)

It’s not as if my life instantly became all rainbows and sunshine, or like I suddenly turned into a perfect Disney princess–but I’ve noticed myself starting to develop a deeper appreciation for the people in my life. Even in the midst of trying situations, when I choose to sit down and spend a few minutes writing a thank-you note, I find myself focusing more on the wonderful qualities of another person, instead of magnifying the challenges and short comings within my own life.  

Today I decided to write a thank-you to one of my favorite coffee shop baristas. I don’t actually know her name…BUT she always smiles and is really encouraging and cheerful. Writing her a note caused me to stop for a moment and think about how something as simple as a kind smile, can really brighten my day– it helped me take time to appreciate the small  things in life. Not only that, but I have a feeling that, by giving her a thank-you note, I was able to brighten her day.

“Therefore encourage one another and build one another up, just as you are doing.”~ 1 Thessalonians 5:11

Writing a thank-you note a day is definitely a challenge! But the time and energy we spend writing our thank-yous is SO worth it! Even if you’re not in the midst of a 30 day challenge, there is something about intentionally appreciating those around us, that changes our attitudes. It’s about learning to view other people–and situations–the way Jesus does! When we take the focus off of ourselves and see things through Jesus’ eyes…our own struggles don’t seem so massive anymore. Sure, they’re still there, but God is  bigger than them!

Cultivating a heart of contentment does more than improve our attitude–it revolutionizes our thinking.  It enables us to dream big, to see potential, and to courageously pursue Christ and His plans for us. Our fears of failure and disappointment will begin to fade, and  we’ll continue to grow in confidence of the Lord and His goodness. Developing a heart of contentment doesn’t mean that you give up on dreaming–it means that you stop focusing on yourself and striving for your way– and instead, find joy and peace in allowing the Father to lead you. It’s when we allow Him to be our guide that we truly soar.

“But those who trust in the Lord will find new strength.They will soar high on wings like eagles.They will run and not grow weary.They will walk and not faint.” ~ Isaiah 40:31

 Is there a situation in your life that you’d like the Lord to help you see through His eyes?



PS If you’ve yet to write a thank-you note, you can still jump in on 30 Days of Thanksgiving! Would love for us to do this together!

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